Chadwick Landry as Elder Erick Wright

He was born in Antigonish and raised in Dartmouth. He currently lives in Halifax and spends his time learning his tradecraft in wood and steel.
He is dreaming of a world where instead of pursuing money, we pursue communities where no child ever has to be hungry or feel unloved. 

Melissa Buckler as Chancellor Jasmine Wright

Melissa is from Halifax Nova Scotia.  In high school, she was introduced to musical theatre and was cast in Jesus Christ Super Star.  She was introduced to theatre through her daughter Ella (Emma), spending much of her time getting her to casting calls. Spending time with Ella doing something they both love has been an amazing experience as is being part of the talented Ataraxia cast and directorship.

Blair Langille as Rene Logan

A self-described utility player in the performing arts, Blair debuted in the Ataraxia universe as Rene Logan in the stage adaptation of SAFE. Trained primarily as a film actor, with recent principal roles in iHearYou and The Trailer Park Boys, Blair has been seeking out new creative communities
opportunities to hone his craft on the stage and in the booth!

Ella Buckler as Emma Logan

Ella Buckler is a grade 11 student at Lockview high school. She has been involved in theatre for years now and was cast in a few productions with Neptune Theatre’s Young Company such as Midsummer Night’s Dream and Mermaid  and will also be in The Hobbit of March 2020. She was cast in Concord Floral with Kings Theatrical Society and DMV theatre. Ella is thrilled to be a part of Ataraxia and what is next to come.


Nathan X as Nate D’Angelo

An operator on a constant grind to bring justice.

Justin Gaudreault as Justin Reed

Often referred to as an “Audio Wizard” for his abilities to interpret any idea into auricular storytelling with captivating results. Justin is a seasoned and creative developer specializing in audio technology for all forms of digital media.

Chris Francis as Chris Reed

Native to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Chris is a devoted husband and father. An avid drone pilot and crossing over into voiceover acting with his role as “Chris” on Ataraxia.

Rene Amamio as James Reed

As a novice actor, veteran musician, and champion longboard surfer, Rene is passionate about anything artistic.
Having played various roles in the Ataraxia universe, Rene now chants “for peace to exist – emotion must die” in his sleep.


Sam Horak as Staff Sergeant Julie Burns

Sam Horak is a writer, producer and theatre creator. Past highlights include The Coast’s ‘Best of’ bronze winner, Sissydude, a dandy rock musical (Co-producer, director and dramaturge) and Halifax Fringe award-winning Sit on My Face (Co-writer, producer and director).

Horak hopes to continue exploring the producing and writing side of storytelling while maintaining her strong interest in feminist narratives.


Jacques Gaudreault as Commander Steve Armstrong

A man well-travelled, Jacques began his career in the offshore industry with the ROV trade (undersea robotics) when it was in its infancy (circa 1979). He worked on various big projects around the globe including being part of the film crew of the blockbuster movie from James Cameron “The Abyss” (1989). Jacques has appeared in advertisements, most notably for Canadian Tire. Jacques is also an aspiring writer of children’s books which started as a hobby for his granddaughter and has since developed into the “Rebecca & Ruby” adventure series available in 2020.


Megan Townshend as Lara Wright

A self-identifying nerd, Megan is no stranger to podcasts and acting. She is a regular guest on the local Sci-Fi/Fantasy podcast “The Citadel Cafe” hosted by Joel Duggan and has voice acted with radio drama companies such as Electric Vicuna Productions and on small animation projects here and there. Megan is an actor that has worked on stage and screen and is dabbling in writing and video production on her own time.


Maya Cusson-Delphin as Maya Cross (The Siren)

Maya, who’s relatively new to the world of drama is amassing a body of work. Her recent screen appearances in “Blood & Honey”  “I Think She Likes Me” and “The Dreamers” have all been screened at FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival.
“I’ve always loved acting cause it allows me to live another life, and to have experiences other than my own,” says Maya.
Along with writing her own stories, making art and composing music, she is also a licensed makeup artist in which she hopes to further as a make-up artist for film and TV.

Nicole O’Connor as Colony Leader Karen Cass
Nicole is an Acadian writer and photographer for 7thcrow photos. She is from New Brunswick and is currently working on her newest project, “Déport”, a collection of short stories documenting the Acadian deportation and its’ effects on modern, Acadian life.

John O’ Brien as John Oakley

John O’Brien has been involved in Halifax’s film community since 2016. He has worked on dozens of local films, both behind the scenes and as an actor. He has worked very closely with Israel Ekanem; in particular, he was production manager for every episode of Israel’s BlackOut Podcast.
John began his film career as a production assistant on Charlie’s POC, written and directed by Kevin Hartford. He made his acting debut in Urs Frei’s Turtle, which has been screened in film festivals in Prince Edward Island and Oregon. In October 2017, he made his stage debut in Little Big Time Production’s Mrs. Purcell’s Girls.
This is his first voice role.


Sophia Lillemor as Captain Daphne Fox

Sophia Lillemor was realized for the first time in the middle of the dessert, after their parent’s truck broke down in the Savannah. They were born in the middle of a snow storm. Some would say this is really telling of their passionate, tempestuous personality. They currently live in Halifax, surrounded by their two cats, Potato and Spud, writing, moving and creating. In their free time, they love reading everything birth related, especially empowering birth stories. They dream many foolish thoughts daily and try to learn from their mistakes. They are a writer, dancer and doula to name a few. You can find some of their work on their website ( or on @justcallmeehuman.

Francis Deaseux as Reform Marshall Frantik Simon

Katie Lawrence as Victoria

Katie is an actor, writer, and dancer from Toronto. She is currently completing an undergraduate degree in European Studies at the University of King’s College and Dalhousie University. In her free time, Katie enjoys acting in productions with the King’s Theatre Society and Bad Ideas Theatre Collective, and in films at NSCAD.