Team 352, led by Commander Steve Armstrong and flanked by Staff Sergeant Julie Burns set out to capture an insurgent cell in the T District of Gog Colony.
Emma and Rene Logan, two insurgents in Gog Colony are planning an attack.
Julie is tasked with training Lara Wright, the daughter of the Department of Reform’s Chancellor, Jasmine Wright and Elder Erick Wright, Director of the Department of Reform.


“Hostage” by Justin Gaudreault
“Safe” by Aquakultre

Sound Recording: Sheldon Hachey, SoundBuds Recording
Music & Sound Design: Justin Gaudreault, Audio By Justin
Written & Directed by Israel Ekanem
Produced by Monica G. Bell & Israel Ekanem

Featuring performances by

Blair Langille as Rene Logan
Ella Buckler as Emma Logan
Sam Horak – Staff Sergeant Julie Burns
Rene Amamio – Commander Steve Armstrong
Megan Townshend as Lara Wright
Katie Lawrence as Victoria

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