Justin is working on cracking the X-Drive while Chris is giving him a hard time.
Emma and Rene run different ops.
Captain Daphne Fox updates the DOR Guard Roster and sends Team 352 to locate the Reed Brothers.
Justin has a backup plan and Chris hopes it works.


“Hostage” by Justin Gaudreault
“Erick’s Theme” by Justin Gaudreault

Music, Sound Recording & Design: Justin Gaudreault, Audio By Justin
Written & Directed by Israel Ekanem
Produced by Monica G. Bell, Justin Gaudreault & Israel Ekanem

Featuring performances by

Justin Gaudreault as Justin Reed
Chris Francis as Chris Reed
Blair Langille as Rene Logan
Ella Buckler as Emma Logan
Sophia Lillemor as Captain Daphne Fox
Jacques Gaudreault as Unit Commander Steve Armstrong
Sam Horak as Staff Sergeant Julie Burns

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